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We’re making the tech stack for large-scale shared mobility.

Meiro Mobility Maze - Shared Mobility Meiro Mobility Maze - Shared Mobility

Cities in the flow state

The freedom of movement - wherever you want, whenever you want - is what makes cities thrive.

Our well-designed shared mobility models provide the flexibility and peace of mind for moving within the city. Sharing a ride also brings about more rewarding encounters.

The better you can travel, the better you can grab opportunities that life gives you.

Created by Zky Icon - Noun Project Connected
Created by Timofei Rostilov - Noun Project Empowering
Created by H Alberto Gongora - Noun Project Accessible

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behind the paradigm shift

At scale, shared mobility requires efficient, robust, and reliable flows of passengers and vehicles. A new thought process is necessary for designing shared mobility services usable by all.

We are developing new hardware and software platforms that will help our cities and smart cities embed shared mobility as a way of life.

Meiro smart kiosk Smart kiosk

Modular, configurable, reusable IoT hardware; AR-based workflows for simplifying the user experience; cashless payments for rapid access

Created by dewadesign - Noun Project Adaptive metering and insights

Advanced algorithms for real-time accuracy and robustness, designed to work well even in low internet connectivity

Created by Danil Polshin - Noun Project Dynamic fleet management

Operating demand-responsive dynamic routes for large fleets, real-time parking management, efficient driver management, and more

Created by Juicy Fish - Noun Project Scalable platform

Designed to support multiple vehicle formats. Deploy rapidly and grow organically in any city and use case

Navigating urban mazes sustainably

Sustainability - environmental & economic - is baked into our systems. Our scalable and configurable platform has a multi-pronged impact on many facets of urban mobility.

  • Lower cost of mobility

  • Better integration of multi-modal transport

  • Reduced dependence on personal vehicles

  • Lower fleet emissions and cleaner air

  • Walkable cities

Recognition & Awards

We are making India's first smart paratransit service. Get in touch with us to know more or to explore investment opportunities.

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Innovation and Incubation Center, PDEU - Raisan, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382007 (IN)